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Public Works, Stern Grove and new release ‘Bring it to the Max’

Beautiful Afrolicious family!
Guitarfish was a blast! We closed out the festival with a 4 hour set of get down and nasty dance music!
This week we are super excited to make our debut at Stern Grove now in it’s 79th season. This is a great chance for those with children, families, older family members or the ones who don’t like to go out too late as we start at 2 pm sharp. They will feature a tribute to the Nigerian Afro-electro-funk pioneer William Onyebar with some amazing musicians as well, early arrival is suggested as it’s first come first serve for the seating. Bring a blanket, pack some food and beverages and enjoy an afternoon of live music in the park!
This Friday we return doing a soundsystem gig at one of our favorite clubs in SF, Public Works. We have had some truly amazing nights/parties/events at this space since 2010, but it’s been waaaaay too long since we rocked it there. This night will be a return of Oz and Pleasure together w- Diamond on percussion, Freshislife on the mic and our man Zebuel from
Stay tuned for some more show announcements and other goodies, we love you!!!

Thanks for your love and support, it means everything!
much love ,
Pleasuremaker and the crew~!

August 12th Afrolicious DJ Set at Public Works
August 14th Stern Grove Festival Tahoe
Coming Up
September 16th Afrolicious Live at Cyrstal Bay Casino (Crown Room)
Sept 17th Private event
October 13th private event

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